Breaking Dawn Part 1 Reaction post- Warning * SPOILERS*

So i just got home from watching the movie. I can't even begin to describe how amazing it was. I loved every moment of it. Smiled, cried, gasped, laugh all throughout the movie. It was so perfectly done. Bill Condon did an amazing job. Kristen and Rob were perfection. Taylor surprised me beyond believe. To say that i loved this movie better than the rest would be an understatement. We know how strongly Kristen feels about the movie. How Bill tried his best to bring us what he thought we wanted, and boy did he deliver. We know all this, but now we want to hear from you and your reaction to the movie. Did it meet your expectations? Were you just as in love with it as we were?? What was your absolute favorite scene? Your least?? We want to hear it all. Let us know on the comments below.

Please only click if you have watched the movie already or if you are one of those that like to be spoiled.

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