6 Days Till Breaking Dawn Pt. 1


6 days!!! I can't believe it!! So excited and on Monday we get the premiere!!! *waves to all those in tent city* (I'll be there next year!!) And in case you've missed here are some of the most popular posts from the last couple days ;)) Be sure to watch Rob on Fallon~Epic!
SWATH Trailer~Kristen doesn't say one line, but her beauty and fierceness are amazing...actions speak louder than words.

"He Love You. He Adores You."
Oh the baby...yeah the baby, but Rob adores Kristen too. You can just tell by the way he looks at her, the way he brings her up whenever he can (see Fallon interview)

Gorgeous wallpaper for you to enjoy today
And here are the past ones just in case you missed them:) Thank you Karen:)

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