2 Days Till Breaking Dawn Pt. 1


2 DAYS, 48HRS!!! It's almost here!!! We're in the homestretch!!! And today we'll get even more R/K cuteness at the UK premiere!!!
 BUT...in case you missed the BD promo bubble thus far, don't worry we've got ya covered...
BD Promo Roundup (Includes handprint ceremony, TV Apperances, TwiCon, etc!!)
AND check out all the videos...and all the pics from Breaking Dawn Premiere.

"It wasn't desire at all, it was need. Acute the point of pain"
Why does every Breaking Dawn quote make me think of R/K? I mean seriously. This makes me think of Rob. I don't ever think it was want, it was need. And it was always in the cards for them to just be.

Aww...honeymoon wallpaper for your collection.PhotobucketAnd here are the past ones just in case you missed them:) Thank you Karen:)

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