13 Days Till Breaking Dawn Pt. 1

I think I'm still stuck in la la land from the epicness of Thursday. And here we are still getting amazing interviews from that day. And we'll have even more since Rob and Kristen were in interviews on Friday. I keep feeling the need to pinch myself. But I'm trying to remind myself that this press tour will be over soon and we'll be left with a drought for almost a year!! Eek, let's not think about that!! Let's focus on the good times. If you've missed anything from the last few days you must check out some of the amazing interviews, pics, etc.
Kristen In Vogue Italy Pics/ Scans

"You said I could have any part of you I wanted. I want this part...I want every part".
Get it Bella!!! Best thing about Breaking Dawn is this scene will continue. We thought this was hot in Eclipse...just wait, just wait.


Another beautiful Breaking Dawn wallpaper and I can't wait to see all of the honeymoon...enjoy

And here are the past ones just in case you missed them:) Thank you Karen:)

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