Rob might be back in London- Flew from LA on Wed and is rumored to be seen at #SWATH set :"'))

According to some tweets today Rob could quite possibly be in London already and was seen on the set of 'Snow White and The Huntsman' Rob is supposed to be in Paris on the 23rd to kick off his Breaking Dawn promo alongside Ashley Greene. He probably wanted to spend some quality time with his lady before all the mayhem started!  :) *sigh*

So he did come home! There were rumours :) And yes. I'm doing tent city next month. NYC didn't put me off! Lol.

  • yes he's home now then to fan events in Paris and Brussels with Ashley next weekend, when do you fly out to LA? I loved it there

  • It's true. Trust. VERY reliable little birdie. #hoboninja
  • We can't make you believe. We wouldn't deceive. Believe us or not. It's all that we got. That was terrible, wasn't it? #wetrustourbirdie
  • He's there. I trust. You should, too. Have a nice weekend... ;)

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