27 Days till Breaking Dawn Part 1


Can you believe that number keeps dropping and dropping fast?? OMG so so so absolutely freaking excited. We saw Roberto today with his man cave beard heading to Paris I'm sure to start promoting Breaking Dawn alongside Ashely.... Yes i know, its so sad that Kristen wont be there but on the bright side we get to see her very soon alongside her man. Remember these two take their jobs very seriously and so don't be surprised when they need time to concentrate on their respective jobs. This is what i have always loved about them, the ability to give each other their space for work while still keeping their relationship intact.... So get ready for some amazing Robsten chemistry and eye fucking and hand nuzzling nonstop from start to finish.. It's going to be a BIG FUCKING DEAL :P

And for our Twilight quote/pic for the day.......

These bts/deleted scene, which is kinda sad this particular scene didn't make it to the movie. I love Edward in white. Edward should always always wear white. And Bella!! Beautiful sweet couple. Again another one of our favorite quotes from 'Twilight'

Another great Breaking Dawn Wallpaper by Karen. It is perhaps the most beautiful quote in the world. 'He absolutely adores you'

And in case you missed them.. The last 3 wallpapers for your collection. I hope you are using them wisely:)))

And in case you missed our post on Halloween twitter Avis. Click here to get yours today:)

P.S. If you are one of those like me that has the whole sidebar contents at the bottom of the page.. I have no idea why this is going on. Hopefully it will be fixed by morning. Good night my loves:)

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