26 Days till Breaking Dawn Part 1

Breaking Dawn Promo starts today. Only 5 hours to go!! Can we handle goatee Rob in his extravagant suit?? Let's just wait and see.. In the mean time.. A pass to memory lane 'Twilight' style... Now who can forget the wonders that was Edward and Bella 3 years ago?? Especially the meadow scene Edward and Bella... "And the lion fell in love with the lamb." "what a stupid lamb," "what a masochistic lion" That was maybe one of the best lines ever recorded in Movies history right? lol anyway i wanted to say that i am so unbelievably proud to a part of this amazing fandom. Granted we have our ups and downs but we have seen Rob and Kristen grow before our eyes. We have seen them fall in love right before us and i just want to say Thank you! Thank you Edward and Bella for bringing these two amazing people together. Without you two, there wouldn't be Robsten. So thank you!!!

As always here is another masterpiece from the ever so lovely Karenxan. I hope you are enjoying these:)) Have a great Sunday and remember to keep checking back on the blog for more pics of Rob at the Breaking Dawn Fan Event in Paris!!:)

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