25 days till Breaking Dawn Part 1


Today was such an amazing day with the start of the Breaking Dawn Promo- Rob and Ashley were are in Paris for a fan event. Rob looked gorgeous of course sporting a casual goatee.. I gotta say that was very nicely done goatee! Needless to say it was a very awesome 1st promo day, we missed Kristen but we know she has work to do ;'( Rob will be in french tv later on today so make sure to check back in later for all pics and videos of that!!! 

Anyway back to our countdown. It is officially 25 days till Breaking Dawn Part 1 you guys!! We are getting closer to 20 omg so exciting!! I don't know about you but the thought of Edward looking at Bella while she was asleep it's like the most romantic thing ever. I don't really understand why alot of people think it's creepy but i love it. This quote is from Edward's POV of Twilight from 'Midnight Sun' If you have not read the part that is out there you really need to. Click here to read!! I am sure most you have but just in case:) I really hope she finishes that book some day (sighs)

Our Breaking Dawn Wallpaper of the day- As always thanks to our lovely @Karenxan

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