24 Days till Breaking Dawn Part 1


So... Rob was on a french tv show today.. Did everyone catch that??? If not click here to watch. So he speaks some words in french on that interview. He talks about his music and also his future roles as an actor. Where he likes to live the most which is ironically LA now days. He mentions being in London a week ago. Hmmm a week ago... The week kristen got injured on the set of SWATH. So lets just say Rob and Kristen were together in London last week!! Don't believe he was there for Kristen? Hmm ok!! Anyway let's enjoy Rob and his rather loose mouth:)) Excited for the days to come... More deets Rob, we want moar:))

Continuing with our countdown to Breaking Dawn - Still going down memory lane of Twilight. This time it's at the end of the movie.. Edward and Bella at prom.. Bella asking him to change her...

Only 24 more days till we get to see some of these amazing scenes live:)

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