Twilight, Robsten and FanFic is my Therapy and I am not afraid.....

This is so delicious! Breaking Dawn can't get here fast enough!

Hello Ladies & Some Gents, I am feeling so emotional lately. Everywhere I turn I keep meeting more and more of my blog and twitter com rads in real life. It is so amazing how one book and or movie has brought so many people together for so many reasons. It is so weird. Every time I speak with more and more people their stories are so amazing how and why Twilight was such an amazing experience to them and how it changed their life. I really didn't put two and two together until I was out the other night with two ladies that I met through twitter. Wow, did I just say that? I did, and the great friendships that I continue to make are so amazing. It is initially through Twilight, and then Rob and Kristen and then the music, and then the fanfic. I was a little stubborn with the fanfic. I refused to read but well I cracked and let me tell you if you aren't reading fanfic well by all means do so. I love you pervy bitches you know who you are!  So really when I reflect on what Twilight has done for me it really has opened my world to healing. I was introduced to Twilight when I was so sick and pregnant and pretty much laid up in bed. My real life BFF recommended it, and I turned it down until I got so bored of the same old television. I asked my hubs to pick me up the DVD.  I watched it and well I love "that guy Cedric" from Harry Potter, and plus I was very enchanted with the story line and then I asked my husband to pick me up the first book and I was immediately hooked. I read all four books rather lightening fast. Where am I going with this story, well during my pregnancy in the beginning I lost a friend and it was pretty shocking. This was a  who guy lived with us on and off during college and dated one of my best friends, the same best friend who was diagnosed with fourth stage colon cancer 6 weeks after she delivered her second baby. Yes I know it is pretty awful considering we were all in our late 20's. You really think this stuff never happens to you.  Then on Father's Day of 2009, I was about three weeks away from delivering my second baby I got the worst call I have ever received in my life at that moment.  My other real best friend had been life flighted to the ER and my husband rushed me to meet her at the hospital. I didn't know what to expect. How can this really be happening, right? My old college roomate BFFs were the one's that called me because Jenn and I lived in the same town and they did not. In my heart I thought there is no way this could happen she just turned 30. Life is not that cruel. Her sister came in and delivered the news that I hope no one ever has to hear. She was going brain dead and there was nothing they could do. She had a slow brain bleed and the right side of her brain was already gone. I tried to prepare my self as best as I could for what I was about to see. I walked in and she was on a ventilator. I rubbed her head and her stroked her face, I whispered in her ear and she squeezed my hand even though they told me she was mostly gone as far as the part of the brain that can analyze and function. I don't believe it, my heart knows she heard me. I made my peace. She really took a piece of my heart that day that I would never get back. I gave birth to my daughter on her birthday three weeks later. It was cathartic, it was peaceful, her spirit was with me. I will never forget Jenn, she loved life, danced badly but made us all laugh while doing it, and her squeaky voice will live in my soul forever. I miss her everyday. I know this is really is depressing but this past week I realized that my Twilight love affair turned into Robsten love affair has really healed my heart and soul in so many ways from the wonderful people that I have met on this journey the past two years.  I never I would ever meet people of this caliber through the blog and twitter.This really is my thank you to all of you whom I met a long the way these last two years. I love the blog and all of the success that it has. It is my haven, it is the place I go where I can leave my real life behind. 

 How can this not make you happy?!
 Or this!
 and this...
 A love like theirs is hard to find.......

So in the next coming weeks we really are starting to embark on our journey towards Breaking Dawn Part 1 the final chapter.  What an amazing journey this will be leading up to the Premiere and in the next year. We can't wait to share the experience with you! It will be amazing as Bill Condon's partner Jack has been sharing news with us as Bill's team is finishing up part 1. This is so awesome! We are getting the news directly from the man himself. So with that I leave you a big hug and thanks for all of your following we truly do appreciate in sharing your undying devotion to Robsten! And of course I will leave you with one of my faves! Enjoy!
~Much Love Ruby

I just had to add this in. It reminds me of CW & IA! Hello Tatward!
HeeHee this is my FF hoor coming out!

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