Robsten sighting in London from Tonight

This was too much an hour ago. I am now just getting home and posting about it. Appearantly Rob and Kristen were seen around the same time by 3 different people having dinner. Did we get pictures? Errrr no!! But still smiling at the thought of Rob and Kristen spending every moment she is not working together. I really love hearing about it although we have not seen a single cuddling RK pic. Oh well patience is a virtue:))

*UPDATE* one more person saw Rob and Kristen at same restaurant:)

Read this girls tweets about them! She is so funny. She wanted her skittles people! lol  They are under the cut:)

  • they're having dinner on my Rd loool
  • Kristen clocked me cos we're both wearing grey American Apparel hoodies.
  • How the fuck do RP & KS know about the restaurant on my rd? Lmao
  • they're surrounded by their people. Ppl can just walk past lol

Where did you see them?
  • Notting hill, London

They are still there? take a pic !!!
  • can't take pics.
  • Why do these people think I'm lying about seeing Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart. I saw them. Get over it. I only wanted skittles.
  • Too many mentions. The two are in London having dinner. I couldn't take a picture, and I ain't going back out. In in my PJs.
  • I could have easily taken a sly picture of them but I have respect for people. All they wanna do is eat. I respect that.
  • Hi "Robsten" if you see this, I was the girl who walked past you eating skittles lmao

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