Remember Me Producer Nick Osborne talks about Film’s Impact


From USA Today

As the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks approaches, television will commemorate the day with specials and documentaries. But at the nation’s cineplexes, there is considerably less ceremony
Films such as Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center (2006) and Paul Greengrass‘ critically lauded United 93 (2006) found respectable audiences while fending off criticism when sensitivities were still high. The criticism even stung films with a tangential relationship to the attack, such as 2010′s Remember Me. The Robert Pattinson drama featured a 9/11 surprise ending, which took a “drubbing” says producer Nick Osborne.
“Everyone was, to a certain extent, terrified of doing it,” Osborne says. “It’s such a sensitive topic. But it was the right ending.”
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