Possible RK sighting at Club Groucho Soho?

Possible Rob and Kristen sighting at Groucho Club in Soho, London... Nothing really more than the sightings, although i saw someone mention on twitter that place is usually swamped with paparazzi. I will not get my hopes up but if they were there im glad they had a good time. If and only if they were there. I know the people don't really say Kristen but we can only assume Kristen was there since the guys says 'the twilight peeps'

 I am guessing they were out with Rob's friends since he also acknowledges Sienna Miller who is currently dating Tom!

BTW who does this moron think he is?? Bitch facing him hard!! -___________-

*UPDATE* guy who needs bigger glasses tweets again. This time he tweets about Kristen;) So he was with them? hmmm interesting...

I will update with more if the status changes from 'possible' Grain of salt as always.

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