New Breaking Dawn Movie Still- Edward and Bella Honeymoon Scene

Look at this amazing new Edward and Bella Movie Still - I wonder what they talking about. It seems like a very intense moment. Can't wait for this:)

*UPDATE* Added the still untagged thanks to Mel452

*UPDATE* The new still is now in HQ

Click for HQ
From MTV: The snap obviously captures a moment from the couple's Isle Esme honeymoon, but beyond that, we're not sure what's provoked Edward to STARE SO HARD at Bella. Perhaps this is post-pregnancy revelation, and Mr. Cullen is scared for his love's life. Or maybe he just wants to knock boots THAT BAD.

Either way, we can hardly wait to see these two FINALLY get it on (in the movie, that is), especially after the tantalizing tidbits Robert has shared about filming those sex scenes.


HQ Source via RPLife 

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