Kristen Stewart mentioned in 'One and Only' The Untold Story of 'OTR'

Here is the summary of the book 'One and Only' The untold story of 'On the Road' - Apparently Kristen's portrayal of Lu Ann will be included in the book. Info of where to buy under the cut:)

Beloved by both Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady, Lu Anne Henderson's story has never been told. Lu Anne was a beautiful 15-year-old girl in Denver in 1945 when she met Neal, a fast-talking hurricane of male sexuality and vast promises. The two married, and soon they were hanging out with a group of young would-be writers, including Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. But Neal and Jack initially didn't like each other very much. Lu Anne taught them how to love each other -- in effect, making the Beat Generation possible, as well as giving Kerouac material for one of the seminal novels of the 20th century, On the Road. One and Onlytraces the immense struggles of Lu Anne's own life, which ranged from the split-up of her family to the ravages of abusive men and a late-life heroin addiction; and shows how her life forever intertwined with Jack's and Neal's. Lu Anne did not live to see the filming of On the Roadby Walter Salles, but One and Onlytells how Twilight'sKristen Stewart, through her work with both Nicosia and Santos, came to find the key to playing Lu Anne in the film.

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Thanks to KstewAngel for the find:)

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2 Responses to Kristen Stewart mentioned in 'One and Only' The Untold Story of 'OTR'

  1. Good for Kristen this project is very important to her!

  2. This book is a must read. I read Ginsberg as a teen, and I've always loved OTR. Kris is PERFECT for this part. I love her work.


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