Kristen Spotted on #SWATH set again- Tons on deets from today

Tons of Tweets from @KristenStewBabe - she was on the set all day getting deets on #SWATH for us. She even saw our gorgeous #SnowStew - No pics of her unfortunately but hoping she gets lucky tomorrow :)

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@sparkybitchface I SAW KRISTEN! And i stood right outside her trailer! Dean was well pissed off and walked me out then bollocked security!

Not Dean sorry im tired after an epic day! Kristens bodyguard whats his name?

Was on swath set all day waiting then she walked up from shooting and got in her car all in costume

Her costume was like robin hood type thingy brown with knee high boots and of course epic black long hair!

Saw the dwarfs loads of times and bob hoskins and chris hemsworth a few times

Had a bit of a run in with HBG wen this guy offered to drive me up to the trailers and i stood outside her trailer pretending to be on the

Phone and then i approached the car he was in while she was in trailer taking her make up off and he was cross that i was 'on base' they offered me a fucking lift up there! Sorry its not my fault if security is too soft!

Got that pic of #snowstew in my head forever <3 {alma: would have been better if it was an actual pic -.- lol } HBG is a nob btw. He outright refused me an autograph even tho i begged him and said id been there all day #hatingonhbg Have got pics but not of kristen. I picked up something too... Picked this up it was on the ground some1 has dropped it!Ive blanked out the name
More after the break!

No she didnt see me :( i was like 10 metres from her and wen her car drove past me she was 2metres away! Squee!

It was so nice to see her and her mannerisms and her walk. Just all that stewy stuff we love came to life for my eyes!

@kristenforlife I couldn't get a pic.The security were aware of me all the time. If i had got my camera out they prob wud hav thought it was a weapon or something! Its not easy believe me. And wen uve hung round set for 4hrs they are fed up with you! Have got other

@malenacasey Her hair was loose. Not really straight, a bit messy! but all down her back.

Thank you for the update sweetie. Hope you get better luck tomorrow or when you go back. *hugs*

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