Kristen makes Nylonmag 's Best Dressed at @Mulberry_Editor show


Nylonmagazine: Like Little J in the middle of Gossip Girl's third season, Mulberry has come out of London Fashion Week's junior varsity set and become the show to see if you're young and restless for really cute clothes... and really famous girls.

But even after Kirsten Dunst's appearance last season, nothing prepared us for this morning, when the usual Brit Pack (Harley, Eliza, Marina, Irina...) was upstaged by Kate Moss and Kristen Stewart.

The ultimate British sex symbol and the ultimate American starlet arrived together, sat next to each other during the show, and even clasped hands for a brief moment of sublime surreality.

We didn't know whether to laugh or cry or scream or Tweet, so we just sat there kind of shocked and happy, as if we'd been doped up on glitter, vampire blood, and Pixie Stix. (Truthfully, it was just the New York to London jet lag, but that's not as much fun to describe.)

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