On The Road Trailer: Shown at a Private Event

@ KSFranceCom: Information, the trailer was shown at OTR # @ MK2Cinema in Exploitans des Congres yesterday. via @erictherock

*Update* More info on the trailer via tweets from @PanicCinema

KStewartfrance- Hello, have you had the opportunity to see the trailer 'on the road' at the Congress? If so, can you tell us your  impression? :) Thanks
  •  It is the adaptation of Kerouac? I do not know what to think but it made me really want to finally read the book, But it's our very own adaptation of a classic. We feel a certain energy in this.
  • I do not have a specific recollection, but I would say 2:30 easily. It is quite rhythmic montage that reveals a lot of pictures of the film Above pictures: a voice, probably the main character, who shares his world view.
  • I seem to have seen majority the actors and few girls so very little Kristen Stewart, but I could be wrong. After 8 hours of trailers non stop, the brain begins to melt;-)

I played around with Google translate and i think this is a better translated part of his tweets, which you can see here. If you are fluent on french and English would love a better translation. Although i think this is about right :P  Hopefully we get to see the trailer very soon :) 

Thanks KSFranceCom for the info :)

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