Kristen Stewart Sultry Good Looks Heat Up Her First Music Video

Kristen Stewart is expanding her wings in the entertainment industry. We typically see her on the big screen, but now we will soon get a chance to see her on the television screen. Kristen is the star of a new music video. However, her appearance in the video is very brief, and you will need to watch the entire video to catch a glimpse of her sultry good looks.

Kristen is the apparent love interest in the Marcus Foster video, “I Was Broken.” The video is very artistic. It is shot in black and white and focuses on Foster’s face throughout the video as he pours out his heart. His facial expressions reveal just how deep the pain of his lost and found love truly is. Occasionally, we see a glimpse of Kristen staring off into space with the wind gently ruffling her long hair and can only assume she is the woman behind his unbroken heart. At one point, she stares directly into the camera with those gorgeous smoky eyes, and you get a chance to see just how darn sexy this woman is!

Flashes of nature and decrepit city structures are interspersed throughout the video as well. This low-key video with its melancholy music is perfect for a Kristen Stewart appearance. Her quiet beauty meshes with the emotions being projected in the video and the music. It was incredibly generous of her to take time out of her crazy schedule to shoot the video. Fortunately, all that was required of Kristen was to stand there and look absolutely stunning for a few brief minutes. She nailed it.

According to the rumor mill, Foster is good friends with Robert Pattinson. You see the connection now? In fact, the connection between the trio goes even further. Foster’s “Let Me Sign” song, was featured in the first Twilight film. Robert Pattinson actually performed the song on the Twilight movie soundtrack. Robert is a man of many talents. He acts, sings, plays guitar and piano and even writes music. Maybe we can expect a duo with these two fellows. Kristen would make the perfect rocker girlfriend.


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