First pic of Kristen in #SnowStew Costume!! Amazing!!

Yay!! Today is so exciting!! First we get to see Kristen all cuddly with a puppy and now we get to see her in full Snow White costume along side Chris Hemsworth!! Tons of goodies on this post. Pics + Tweets from the awesome @HerdingClouds

  • The first shot I managed of Kristen in costume. Just before she leads the cavalry charge! Hope you like it! :o)

More set pics of the set + awesome tweets from our friend @HerdingClouds

  • #SWATH Good morning. It is a grey day at the Welsh location. Just finishing photos for the newspaper then we'll be off to the site!
  • #SWATH It is approximately 3 hours until low tide at the beach location, we are hoping to be in position within the next hour.

will Kristen,Chris & Sam be there?
  • I am hoping to find that out today! I will let you know. Mobile signal on site is bad, so Tweets might be delayed! :o)
  • #SWATH War horses lined up on beach in armour, banners flying, preparing for a take! About 60 horses so far!
  • Just done a take! War horses charging through the surf, sounded like thunder! Cries from the riders, resetting now!
  • P.S it's freezing where we are sat on a cliff top above the action. Irish ferry passing armoured war-horses...weird!
  • Second take coming up of beach charge! Photos will be uploaded later, as using digital camera not Blackberry.
  • Utterly incredible take! Ferocious charge through the ocean, shouts filling air. One rider thrown forwards off his mount into surf!
  • Both rider and horse that fell into surf seem ok though.
  • Aerial units taking to the air now, flying low over the scene.
  • Where I stand, the helicopter is hovering below me, maybe 2 metres off the sand, waiting for the next cavalry charge.
  • #SWATH About an 85% chance that I just saw Kristen Stewart standing by a white charger war horse. I need a better lens!
  • Moving closer to 1st Unit location...Blackberry battery low! Camera fully charged. Helicopters flying overhead.
  • Been right inside 1st Unit camp on beach. Sat next to directors, AND I have the shots you were all after!
  • Pyrotechnic explosions going off ahead of charging Kristen, moving to cliff position for better shots.
  • Mad fact of today, the good guys are in silver armour, the bad guys are in black!! :o) Photos on the way, please standby...
  • The horses amass on the beach ready for the first charge! Shouts fill the air when they finally thunder along.
  • The charge. Those horses are crazy quick, the kit-cars only just staying ahead of the pack!

  • It was pretty dam loud this close to the aerial unit. The horses didn't seem too fazed though! Awesome pilot!!

  • Slowly making my way into 1st Unit. I tell you again the smell from the catering is so awesome!

  • The directors seats had a pretty good view down beach, they also have a feedback monitor in the back of a truck.

  • Tiny teaser for you guys! :o) Thank you all for checking out my pics, more coming! :o)

  • Kristen Stewart next to co-star Chris Hemsworth, who plays the "Huntsman" himself!

  • Probably my favourite could feel the excitement in 1st Unit at this point.

  • Kristen Stewart preparing for her first shoot of the day, riding side by side with Chris Hemsworth.

  • I really love the detail that has gone into this entire production. The entire team are SO friendly!

  • The Directors look on at the re-play of the footage. I was so tempted to have a look myself!

  • This is the first time I have seen this costume on set. The bad guys I am guessing. Awesome.

  • Kudos should go to this rider who fell mid-charge head first into the breakers. The sea isn't warm here either.

  • Epic bit of kit...I have spent all day trying to keep out of the way of this camera! :o)

  • And this is Kristen Stewarts double who has caused a few false sightings over the last few days.

  • Just hoping they have extended cover, the salt water is a devil. You should see what its done to my van! :o)

  • That's it for now guys. We're going to warm up + grab some cheese on toast. To any crew following you are all legends, thank you.
  • Having a fantastic time watching the pro's do their work. Thank you for letting me be there. We will return this evening! Standby...
  • Thanks for all the thanks! You guys are great! Just remember me if you hear anyone after a photographer! :o)

More pics added via Kstewartfans

As always thank you for sharing your experience with us:)

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