New HQ Edward and Bella Breaking Dawn Part 1 Poster + Info on upcoming Trailer

Entertainment Tonight will have the first look at the new Edward and Bella Breaking Dawn Posters that summit talked about yesterday.. The other poster is of Jacob and since we don't care too much for Jacob you can view it here

Great quality Edward and Bella poster via  YahooMovies


*UPDATE* added the poster without tags thanks to MyRobAddiction

WOW if this is any indication of how Hot Breaking Dawn part 1 is going to be we are in for a long and nice ride. What do you think of this poster? Does it meet your expectations??? Let us know on the comments below:)

Here is more info on upcoming Breaking Dawn Trailer + More goodies from other sources. Also Jack tweets more deets about the upcoming movie promo.

  • YahooMovies also tells us that they will PREMIERE an EXCLUSIVE new Breaking Dawn Movie Trailer!! 
  • COMING SOON! will have a huge exclusive! Want to know what it is? Log on Friday PM to find out!
  • Tons of new stills should be released in October, as well as the soundtrack CD and the final one-sheet poster.
    *UPDATE* Added the image in HQ now via Kstewartfans - Click it for mega ultra huge size :)

    I am definitely excited for more Breaking Dawn goodies. Promo time has begun my twi lovers... You know what this means right?? More RK time woot woot!!!

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