Bill Condon's partner @Jack_Morrissey answers tons of questions about Breaking Dawn, Rob and Kristen

What is Bill’s favorite part of BD1?

  • A favorite moment of his is when Bella becomes pregnant.

The film Twilight had blue lighting. Do the BD films have a signature color?
  • Signature colors are something Catherine Hardwicke does. For example, check out “Red Riding Hood.” Also, we have too many locations for one color. You’ll notice the marketing materials-posters, calendar, trading cards--have the colors of dawn breaking.

Were the wedding rings added post production?
  • No, they were not. As Bill mentioned at Comic Con, the fans spoke out when the first Rio stills were released and they did not see wedding rings. Originally, Stephanie Meyer did not have wedding rings as part of the plan to stay consistent with Edwardian customs. The decision to go without rings was reconsidered after fan feedback. Since the bit that was shot without rings was brief, it was unnecessary to go back and add rings.

Why did the character’s hair change for Breaking Dawn?
  • Here's the thing about the haircuts and/or wigs: as Bill said at Comic-Con, he felt like BD was about growing up for most of the characters, or certainly moving beyond high school, so the hair choices are about that. You may like this one but not that but that was the intention and the hair and makeup artists are all extremely talented. And Bill knows his way around this stuff from DREAMGIRLS, which was all wigs all the time. There was thought and design behind all of it, but as with everything in both parts of BD, that doesn't mean you have to agree with the thought or design, or like it. That's just movies. A team of the best people you can get all work hard with a director, and those choices and decisions get filmed and edited anyway.

Vampires are having an OUTDOOR wedding? Was Team BD worried about the sparking?
  • Lots of care was devoted to making sure that no one on THAT SIDE of the aisle would be seen sparkling by the bride's side!
  • The wedding was the very last sequence shot by the main unit and there was a whole weather concern with it because, as an outdoor TWILIGHT vampire wedding, they couldn't shoot in rain, nor with any real direct sunlight. In the end, the weather was perfect for those final shoot days.

Are the Breaking Dawn films coming out in 3D?
  • The decision was made early on not to film either chapter in BD 3D.

How does the director go about which songs appear under which scenes in a movie? Also, how does one determine where the orchestral score is placed?

  • Every single movie happens uniquely--you kind of have to know someone who worked on. or close to any specific movie in order to know how it all happened and came together. And, for these two BD movies, you do!
  • For PART I movie--in broad terms--Bill received CDs with submitted songs. He and his team listened to each song a number of times and then take only the songs they like and try them under certain scenes. Once a song feels like a great fit with a scene musically, and sometimes even lyrically, the producers (including Stephenie) watch/listen, as did the music supervisor and studio execs, and approve.
  • When scoring the film, first the director, the editor, and their team try a temporary score cue over this scene, or a song under that scene, until they get the movie roughly where they want it to be musically. Then the composer and director "spot" the movie in a spotting session, where they talk through all of the score cues needed, what and how they need to be, and when they need to start and finish. Once agreed upon, the composer goes off and composes.

Can you get us a premier in our city/certain actors to show up?
  • Sorry, those decisions are in the hands of other people. We have no control over that at all.

Q & A Session from last night

I have a question. Why did Bill suggest to put Breaking Dawn in 2 parts? Doesn’t he know how crazy we twihearts r?
  •  I hear you, but the next movie won’t even be done until next spring. Pretty tight for a summer release.
Jack, you’re going to put some of the jokes between Rosalie and Jacob in BD? Or the time he throws food in her hair?
  •  I myself don’t include or delete anything, but there are a few jokes in there. The food throwing scene will be on the DVD.

I heard that it was Muse who wanted to stop the soundtracks of the saga ? Is it real?
  • I can’t really answer that, but it’s not Bill’s fault.

Now that the list is out – can you give us any hints as to what songs will play during which scenes? #BD1Stk
  • I can’t, actually. Bill would rather you all try to figure it out for yourselves. I’ll give you hints from time to time.

You know if some cast members have seen the film?
  •  Yes, Kristen, Rob, and Taylor have all seen many cuts of it, from the first rough assemblage.
  • Bill has kept them all extremely involved from the very first script draft all the way through the final cut, as he does with all the actors on all of his movies.

Was Rob asked to be on the soundtrack and turned it down?
  •  I’m a bit unclear, but either Rob isn’t doing anything much at the moment with his music, or he wants to keep it separate.

Can you tell me if is there any song in Breaking Dawn Part 1 in Portuguese? While they’re on Lapa, maybe…
  • I think so, yes. Definitely in that downtown scene.

The Cullens hunt animals right?In BD2, Bella hunts for the first time, we’ll see it?And in BD1?We’ll have some “hunt scene”?
  • Yes of course you’ll get to see Bella learn to hunt once she turns. And there’s another prelude to a hunt, as well. So yes.

Can’t wait to hear the complete soundtrack! What ur favorite song so far? Iron&wine wedding version !!!
  •  My favorite songs are, in order, “Northern Lights”, “Turning Page,” “Requiem on Water”, and “Endtapes”. You will LOVE “Cold”.
  • I don’t consider Carter’s piece a “song” and yeah, “Flightless Bird” is “Flightless Bird” – iconic.

Hi wanted to know why Dawn movie will be 1hr 55min?
  •  It’s only PART I, and Bill doesn’t want it to be one minute longer than it should be for the best storytelling. Pace and flow!

Do I remember correctly that Twilight is Bill’s favorite movie out of the three? Has he ever explained why?
  •  I don’t know that he’s explained it but yes that’s true and there are many connections between that movie and BD PART I.

 Can you verify if this line from the book or a close verision made it in BD “So you seduced your all-to-willing husband? Thx

  •  Didn’t make it in – sorry!
  •  You can curse Bill, as well. He has the final say on the scripts.
  •  I don’t think it’s a good thing to focus on what’s not there before you’ve seen what is there.
  • Everyone has favorite stuff that didn’t make it in from the 800-page novel. I’m thinking about not answering many more of these “Is this in?” questions.
  •  You’re going to get something you’re going to be really happy with, trust me.
  • BC worked intensely with her on both of these scripts, so he’ll take responsibility as well.

Rob can sing, Jackson has a band, K sings too, Mia M……why isnt BD a musical
  • good question!!! It’s certainly more musical than the three you’ve already seen.

Since SO many e/b scenes have been cut out of BD, has Bill added other cute E/B scenes not in the book?!
  •  Bill says no. ;-P

I couldn’t have chosen a better song for the wedding. Flightless Bird brings on so many memories. Thanks for the tears!
  • There Will Be Tears.

The Breaking Dawn soundtrack will have a deluxe edition ?
  • Yes, and you’ll want to own THAT one, trust me.

Does that mean possiably seein MUSE and RPatz or even Jackson on pt2s strk?
  • Who knows – way too soon to tell.

Some more trailer will be released before the release?
  • TV spots.

 Is there any chance to listen Muse or Paramore in BD Part 2 Soundtrack ? :)
  • Too soon to tell.

whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? garter scene is not in the movie? please tell me it’s going to be on the dvd atleast??
  • I don’t think it was ever shot, sorry.

I’m sure Bill split the two parts in the perfect place! I’m just happy there are two movies!
  •  Closer to four hours, actually.

So sad that this line didnt make it ‘So you seduced your all-to-willing husband’. How bout ADR magic to correct MR
  • Don’t go blamin’ MR for everything you don’t like – you can blame BC, as well!
 Rob always says he’s a bad dancer. How was Rob for first dance at wedding , how many takes ?
  • Dunno, I wasn’t there.

Do you know if rob and kristen took dancing lessons for the weeding dance scene, since rob has said he isnt a good dancer?
  •  Dunno, sorry.

Hi Jack, I heard a rumour that some of the much loved cast will die in this movie, any truth in that? xxx
  • r u being cryptic? Bella dies yes, what about the Cullen clan, do they all survive parts 1 and 2? xxx
  •  Well, one person does. ;-)

 Was wonering, how long is are honeymoon scenes? So many good scenens in the past movies have been so short and 2 fast moving
  •  Don’t worry, you’ll be very happy with the length and pace of these scenes.

pls tell me there’s more Charlie in his one! He’s my favorite
  • aaaaaaaay more Charlie!!!

Thanks to Team Jack for the first half of this post:) & Thanks @Jack_Morrissey for being oh so sweet to us fans:)

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