Why are Bella and Edward's eyes different in the cover of EW?? Well we now know why :))

Why are Edward's eyes blue and why are Kristen's eyes green in that cover? I saw that question over and over again. Of course i myself was wondering the same thing. Why?????

Clearly i don't have a problem with the way these two beauties look on this cover (which by the way I still don't have ;'(((  blame the small town i live in ) Of course Rob and Kristen look better normal and natural and bare!! LOL

Yestreday the one and only @Jack_Morrissey answers a tweet from many about why they are not wearing their contacts. He simply replies that they were rehearsing :) How sweet!!

So there you have it!! They were rehearsing :)) Don't they just look so pretty??

And  I want this image larger please!!


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