What is going on with Unbound Captives and is Rob still attached to the film?


Earlier this week we posted a blog post on the status of the movie Unbound Captives, which is the only thing that Rob has lined up as far as we know. If he is still doing the movie that is. The thing that has us all confused and asking if Rob still attached to the film is the next quote

She'll start directing The Unbound Captives next year, she said, and already has rounded up the main cast: Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz and Robert Pattinson.

Notice the quote is said by the reporter and not coming from the films writer herself. But if she did indeed said them  does it 'confirm' that Rob will be in the movie?

Tonight the ladies at StrictlyRobsten asked Josh Dickey @Variety_JLD ( who has cleared some rumors before for our fandom) about what is going on with the movie. Here are his answers... I am hoping it clears up some of the "questions?" at least it did for me.

All of this Unbound Captives news is confusing me. What's the story? Is Pattinson cast?

He's attached. That means if and when they make it, he's informally committed to be in it. First reported 09.

I spoke to the producer Thursday. Rob is still attached to the project. Now financing has to come together.

So basically, we learned (Kind of) that Rob is still attached to the film and as soon as financing starts then they would start on the movie!

So what do you all think about Rob playing this role 'if he does' anyway. Let us know in the comment section below:)

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