New/Old Fan pics of Rob and Kristen in Montepulciano + Fan Account thanks to @Martybet

Fan account from @Martybet from a very while ago. You can see Rob and Kristen on this first pic they were apparently at a party! She shares more pics of her with Ashley but you have to click on her links to see them. I of course only posted the RK ones.



Okay, if you care read this post. I arrived at the Party at 9.00 pm with my dad. There are few people, Kristen talked with a girl of the crew and then I asked her an autograph. She was very kind.
Everyone in Montepulciano said that Rob had already left, and when I saw him ... I almost died, seriously LOL. When I asked him to sign an autograph he made me hold his beer, (yeah OMG) I was shaking.
Then Rob and Kris came out to smoke. They laughed a lot. I tried to take pictures but a guy told me no. The only pic that I've taken is this : About eleven o'clock Robert and Kristen are left together in the same car. I knew the driver very well.
There were also Ashley Greene and Charlie Bewley. I have a pic with Ash, and with Charlie. ( I'm horrible in that pic so I don't show you it ) That's it.

Lucky girl is lucky! And Rob making her hold her beer is so adorable:) Thanks for sharing Martybet sweetie :)

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