New RK Fan video: Proud/Protective Robsten - Part 1 (Kris' POV-Fear of Heights) by the AMAZING @LibenetRobsten

My Libenet!! I feel so bad because i did not make you something special for your birthday. But i want to take this time to say... HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)) Even if i am so late..

Lib, thank you for all that you do!! For making me, and thousands of Robsten fans smile with your beautiful video creations. I know you always say that it's them that make it all work. But i know with out you.. Without you making these lovely Robsten videos. We wouldn't be as into them.. I know this for a fact. I fell in love with Robsten by a fan video. You always know how to capture those amazing RK moments. And well for this, and for being an amazing lovely person. I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIB. I wish you the best years to come. Looking forward to many Robsten videos from you. You make me happy and you make me smile with your love for them. Thank you lib. I love you:))

Here is the newest creation by this very special girl... Everyone please click here and subscribe to her videos. They are amazing. She is amazing. Robsten is amazing!!! Happy RK bubble love :))

I love you!! Don't ever change. ~alma

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