Breaking Dawn' cast talks about Rob & Kristen at the Boston Twilight Convention


The 'Breaking Dawn' cast talks about Rob at the Boston Twilight Convention (tweets from multiple sources, so some are almost the same) | Sources: 1/2/3

Peter Facinelli

Favorite memory with Rob Pattinson is trying to teach him to play baseball.
Favorite Rob memory? Teaching him to play baseball.
Favorite part of Eclipse? Throwing Rob to the ground, says it was not scripted. ;)
Peter jokes that the 20 somethings just want to know what Rob smells like

BooBoo Stewart

Says Rob is "really cool" to work with and enjoyed finally getting to know him during filming of Breaking Dawn
Boo Boo was finally able to talk with Rob Pattinson. Says he's hilarious and just a cool guy
Asked if he's Team Edward or Jacob. Says Edward first and then says both.
Boo Boo jokes that he is Team Edward... then says he doesn't know. They're both cool.
Says Rob was the funniest guy on the set.."naturally funny guy".
Boo Boo says that Rob is naturally funny, when asked who was the funniest on set.

Gil Birmingham

Little girl asks him his fave part of first movie-giving Rob the hairy eyeball and play fighting with @billy_burke
Gil says he enjoyed play fist fighting w billy burke & another fav was giving the stink eye to Rob Pattinson.

Guri Weinberg

"hey.. I'm sorry I'm not Robert!" when telling funny fan story
Craziest fan experience-guri says in Italy someone kept staring at him. Says"sry I'm not Robert." When his experience gets shot dwn by vamps

Tinsel Korey

Says that you shouldn't take others opinion too seriously cites the protest of Rob when originally cast as Edward

Rob and Kristen's autographed pic auctioned at the convention: Kristen Stewart signed picture up for auction and goes for $200.. & A Signed Rob pic goes for $240.

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