Bel Ami NOT premiering at Toronto's Film Festival

Remember when we were still hoping for Bel Ami to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September?? Remember how we wanted that movie so much?? Remember?? And Remember how Dugory was pissed off because the film is still no where to be seen?? Remember??????


Per Gossipgyal: Bel Ami: "We were told by producers that their plan is to show it on festival in Berlin & therefore it can not be presented in the program. I am sorry,but there is nothing settled there yet" Berlin festival is 9th-19th Feb 2012. Personally, I can see this happening. The movie tie in book is released on 26th January... the book and film has to coincide with the release.

So now to looks forward to Berlin Festival in Feb 2012!! Ok i c!! They just keep on moving the date and we are just helpless. Grrrrrrrrrrr

Sad sad day!! I think i will go back to bed now. Wake me up when we do have some news. Kbai :(

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