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Okay, this subject seems to be all over the place. How did you know that Rob and Kristen were something? Something more than what they were trying to be temporarily. I say temporarily because it was only a matter of time before they both gave in to the inevitable. I'll tell you my story of how I knew Rob and Kristen were something. And that something is Robsten.
Ahh..this picture. I mean...look at that!
After I put down Breaking Dawn in September of 2008, it felt like there was this whole path that still hadn't been walked. I wasn't even close to done yet. I mean...I felt amazing that I completed the books and I knew they had weaved their way into my heart like no other novels I've read...but I knew that expressing my love for all of it was so not over! It was only the beginning.
So it was fall of 2008 and I had no idea that Twilight the movie was coming out in two months. I figured that out the day I put down Breaking Dawn. That's when I started with the internet and I was off from there. That day, I couldn't stop. And then the best part...I was introduced to Rob and Kristen, the ones who were going to be portraying Edward and Bella, the two characters that I was so entranced with. 
I realized just how adorable and captivating Rob and Kristen were. I knew who Kristen was immediately, but Rob was a mystery still. But when I saw them together in the first interview, that was when I stood up and took notice that something major was going on here. And that was the biggest mystery of all.

Of course, I wanted to know more about these two because I was about to see them bring these two incredible characters that I had fell in love with to life. It was a big deal for me.
And man...did I start to know more about them! I started watching how they reacted with one another and how they were when they were in each other's presence...and I just remember thinking, "He adores her and she loves him, too!" Then I found out she had a boyfriend, but she never looked at him like she looked at Rob. Then I realized that she was totally in love with him, but just didn't want to admit it yet. It was kind of cute. But I had enough faith that they would somehow end up together. I mean..it was only plainly obvious. They had something very unique together. And they still do.

I know they're not Edward and Bella. Believe me, I am far from that little fantasy. By now, everyone knows that the reason people believe in Robsten has nothing to do with the "dream for fans of co-stars being together", or whatever that is. We stood up and took notice because what they have is theirs and it's theirs only. If it weren't for what they have, we would have no real live Edward and Bella. And if it weren't for Edward and Bella, Rob and Kristen wouldn't have found each other. But sometimes...I question that because I don't know how the rules of fate and destiny work. What if they weren't actors and their lives were on an entirely different path, yet they still found each other just because they are really meant to be together? So there are a few ways you can look at it.
I love Edward and Bella. Twilight is a beautiful story that has touched my heart and moved my life. Rob and Kristen are a whole other story. But Twilight was what brought them together in a sense. It's amazing, because Twilight just brings people together. Everywhere I go, and every time Twilight comes up, people are just brought together and that is a beautiful thing. It's pretty obvious at this point that Rob and Kristen have a life together and will have a life together. Twilight changed their life, too.
I will never forget the day when I realized Rob and Kristen were something. Something other and wholly separate from their portrayals. Yet, what they have is brought right into their portrayals. And Edward and Bella couldn't be any more amazing. That's because they are brought to life by what Rob and Kristen have together. That's the core of it.

I think what happens with them is that they get into character for Edward and Bella, truly believe in what is happening between their characters because when you are a character, you're living and believing that character's situation, and then they realize that this feeling, this stronghold is not going away. They can't just snap out of it so easily. I honestly believe that was what happened between them. It was like that feeling was already there, and the "snapping-out-of-character" thing just wasn't working this time. That feeling didn't come from Edward and Bella, that feeling is them. It's Rob and Kristen.
I have a lot of faith in these two. I've never had this much faith in two people before. I mean...they're the real deal. And the reason they are so private about what they have is because it's theirs and it's nobody else's. It's not mine, it's not yours and it's definitely not Hollywood's. It's nobody's to inspect and speculate about. It's only theirs. They know they have something special and they got smart about it. They started to notice it and protect it before it could become anybody else's. We don't need a confirmation. We don't need to know anything. We already know enough, considering all the events, the looks, the interviews, just their whole way about each other.
Like Kristen said... "I'm just trying to keep something." 
Something tremendously special has happened to her. And that tremendously special thing is Rob. And it's hers to keep. The minute Rob and Kristen say "Yeah, we're together" and start talking about it openly, the public will take advantage of that and immediately think it's theirs.
That's why Rob and Kristen will never say that. They don't have to. Why give something so special and sacred away to people who just want to make it theirs? It's not right. And when I realized that Rob and Kristen didn't share anything about what is going on between them...my respect and love for them grew even more. I thought that was brilliant. That means they are respecting themselves, each other, and everything they have. It's not the world's, it's theirs

I hope you found my little rant at least interesting. I covered quite a lot. Honestly, I gave myself a lot to think about all over again. I've already thought all this through, but now I'm going to be thinking about it again! I hope you think about some of it, too. Because if you're a real Robsten Shipper, you'll realize that this the truth. Everything I wrote is the truth. I'm not bragging or anything, I'm just very secure about everything I know about Rob and Kristen. I know it's the truth because I'm feeling it in my spirit. 

Thanks for reading! ~Lindy (RobstenSparks)

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