Rumors: Kristen may have done the 'W' photoshoot today? + RK sighting??

So i am sitting in mah rocking chair jk my regular chair and its oh just 3:39am awake like a Cullen because well i take after them. Anyways back to biz. Could Kristen have done the 'W' Magazine photo shoot today?? Well According to Kristen's (NYC)  Make up artist @Beau_Nelson he did make up for 'someone' for that cover today.

Could it be Kristen's?? If so i wonder if all the RK sightings are true?? Could Rob have flown into NYC rather than LA?? Quite possible since RK have proven to be the best ninja couple of all time.

Now alot of people are suggesting an RK shoot. Hmmm i don't think 'W; would be all to pleased to have Rob in their magazine but thats just me. lol

Now unto the Rumored RK sightings. Where do i start. Well i guess from the beginning where

Face Book User posts
Wow Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are nice people to run Into!
While Running through the Bryant park to get to a store I was so intent to get there that i ran into this couple and knocked them over full body smash:: Oh hell I am sorry back and forth and I realize I know these kids.. They look familiar.. Then i got it as the boy started to laugh i recognized his voice and said Oh i know who you are!! your that boy from Twilight and you were the kid in Harry Potter who gets killed! and your the girl Bella! cool.. What are you doing here? (As if they have no right to be anywhere but on my tv or movie screen)... Robert " i was in for the premiere and we are having some fun in NYC.. " Cool great .. Have fun Love your movies.. Bye.. And lots of laughing "Nice way to meet people running them over!"

Lots of nahs on this sighting. IDK what to think either... Rob talking to a fan and answering questions sounds less than probable. But if he did, who says he was just saying something out of the blue to guide her away?

 So in comes the second Rob sighting of today. I say Rob because the kid didn't seem to recognize Kristen..

Another FB Account:

The only good thing about this sightings is that Kristen might have really done the W Photo shoots that HL Has been claiming. If its true i may start to like them. Maybe. Although they are a bunch of bs'rs idont even know.

And of course that Rob and Kristen are together again. So remember to take it with a grain of salt. All is bs until proven other wise!! I feel like private investigator or something.  Gosh its now 4:14am! Human has to sleep!!

Thank you RKbubbles & Stupid69Lamb for the screencaps and extensive undercover work!! LOL

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