Possible Rob Sighting Today


This was just tweeted not too long ago by Danielle Shaw.

From Danni_Shaw

Someone just ran into RPattz in LA. Lucky bitch. He signed a receipt for her and she texted and said "he is the sweetest guy in the whole freaking world oh my god Stef he was so sweet. Why isn't he marrying me he was freaking sweet. He is seriously so sweet"

I can't tell if this is true or not, considering I haven't really been keeping up the past few days. But what I've gotten so far is that Rob left Toronto July 15, there were some possible sightings of Rob and Kristen in NYC, and now in LA. I hope that's pretty much right! So take this however you like. I mean, I'm sure the girl saw him and met him. It only makes sense. Considering how flustered that text message is... ~RobstenSparks

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