Palak Patel, SWATH Producer answers some questions about the film

Yesterday we posted about the rumors of Snow White and the Huntsman being a part of a trilogy. Now The producer to the film Palak Patel answers some questions on twitter about the film and the so called rumors.

@nchantng: @palakspatel If it's going to be 3 movies, are you filming two of them back to back in Aug?

  • No, we're only filming #SWATH

@loik13: @palakspatel Is it true that #SWATH will be a trilogy?”

  • Never said "trilogy" said "series of films". Focusing on first film now

@nonameformoi: @palakspatel are you going to Comic-Con too???” #SWATH

  • Definitely

@nonameformoi: @palakspatel can u tell us when shooting start???” #SWATH


@BoubieD: @palakspatel is it true the sequels will be titled "SW and the Infinite Sadness" and "SW's Finest Hour"?”

  • No. Nothing is written

@BoubieD: Lol @palakspatel can you tell us what happens to Eric in the end?” #SWATH

  • No way!! You'll just have to see the film ;)

So what do we learn from this? Pretty much nothing, BUT!! We know there are going to be more than one film, he was very vague about the subject so we'll just have to see what happens. Remember we have a long time for this to develop if it does.

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