Old fan video of Kristen in Berlin for Eclipse Premiere + Picture and fan encounter

Alright, i remember posting this video back in the 'Eclipse Promotion' days BUT i searched high and low and cant find it. I know its here somewhere but anyways. The owner of the video emailed me and wanted to share the actual details of the fan encounter. And so we are obsessed with the stew here it goes.

After my friends and I watched a soccer game from the world cup, we went to the regent hotel where Kristen and Taylor were staying… Some fans were already waiting and told us that on that day (Friday) all the press stuff would be done. So we waited till 8pm and some security guys told us that they wouldn't come out today anymore. Beside both arrived at 1am or something like this in Berlin and they would be tired.

The next day I came with another friend after I was on the holocaust memorial and other places with my friends to make a birthday present. I came there and girls were screaming and holding there cameras. I thought that Kristen or Taylor just got there and with my luck that I missed them. But then these girls told me that Taylor just drove away for some sightseeing and go card driving. At that I heard that Kristen was ill so that she was staying at the hotel. So my friend and I got demotivated but we stayed close to the hotel and walked around the hotel because there were different entrances. Some fans gave a woman who got a hotel room in this hotel just to see Kristen or Taylor some posters that they made for them so that she could put them on their floor because Taylor and Kristen had apparently the whole 8th floor to themselves.

After I meet another friend we fans sat at the garage driveway and waited. After some security men came, we knew that something would happen. They told us to stand up and to move a little bit. Then 2 or 3 cars drove down the driveway and like you can see it and the video some girls started to scream and ask Kristen to come up bla bla… I found that really embarrassing but if I’m honest I’m grateful that they did it because that’s why Kristen came up or maybe because we weren’t so many people. So she started to sign autographs and take photos. And I felt really bad for Kristen because after her cars came some paparazzi that bothered her during the time with the fans. You can actually hear on the video that she ask her bodyguard to block the camera from one of the paparazzi. He was just behind me.

Then it was my turn. I asked her if she would mind taking a picture with me like you can hear it on the video. She said yes and because I noticed that my camera didn’t work when Kristen came up, my friend had to make the picture. Then I just saw to camera lens go off because the camera hadn’t any battery anymoreL. It was the worsed moment and you can see on this video our reactions. I think Kristen felt bad for me but she continued to take pictures with others. Then my friend asked her for a hug and a photo and she gave her phone to take the picture and Kristen’s security man told us that it was the last picture now and I thought ”nooooo!!!”… So I asked her anyway and told her that I didn’t get my chance bla bla… I don’t know my specific words anymore. And she told me “oh yeah I remember you were the one actually…” like you can see it on the video… So finally I did get my picture. I was sooo lucky because so many girls didn’t even have the opportunity to ask her and I have 2 of them. So I feel a little bit bad for the others.

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