Okay no picture BUT confirmation Kristen is NOT in London. So Toronto it is!!! :)

Hi guys, i know we have been dying to get news on where our girl is since we saw her depart from LA on Monday with an unknown destination.

Today the #SWATH producer tweets that Kristen is NOT in London. I am going to go then with our theory that she is indeed in Toronto with Rob and Bear. She has to right?? I mean she was in the 'Air Canada terminal'


Thank you for asking the golden question :)

The first bit is his answer: No not yet!! 

So i know this isnt much but at least we know she is not in London yet!! bet shes with Rob:) Is this squeeee worthy?? YEs it is :))

Update!! Kristen to be on set of Cosmopolis tonight!! Stay tuned. I feel a good vibe about this:)


Another update 7-7-11 9:22am from Claudiapassalac

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