Moviehole Interview w/ Kristen at Comic Con

We cornered Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner last week in San Diego to see if we could squeeze any “Breaking Dawn” spoilers out of them; didn’t have much luck, but Taylor did suggest we’ll be seeing his abs again – so that’s enough to hold us over, right!?
The previous films were fairly close to the books; what about ”Breaking Dawn”?

Kristen : It’s pretty true to the book – so if that’s what you thought about the previous films you’ll definitely [feel the same with Breaking Dawn]. The story this time is a little bit more life and death, in a realistic sense – - what with Bella pregnant with a demon baby. It’s the first time, I think, that you’re not worried about Edward and Bella breaking up, they’re actually working through issues that are kind of make or break… I don’t know how to say it without giving away all the story.

What do you remember from the very last day of shooting?
Kristen : The very last day of shooting I was in a wetsuit and – I’d been in the water for like ten-hours, literally; it was tough to ‘get the light’ or whatever – I ran over to my producer Godfrey and wrapped my legs around his waist, because he didn’t get in the water all night; so I took him on in, it was fun.Source: Moviehole

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