You Make Me Smile....Rob and Kristen

Hello Ladies, It really has been quite sometime since I've written anything. I know, I am sorry but real life has been seriously busy plus I am not going to lie, I've just started reading a lot of Fan Fiction and now I am an addict thanks to some of my twitter loves!! (Go EP!!) You know who you are!!

So I was going through pics the other day and really do think a pictures worth a thousand words!! It's really not an issue anymore on whether they are together, but really how we enjoy seeing them together.

It's amazing how excited we get to see the on screen sparks! MTV Movie Awards was a sweep and dayumm it was EPIC for sure! I loved it! I love watching them together! Their chemistry is SO strong and SO undeniable!

Below are some pics that make me swoon for them! I can't wait for Breaking Dawn press to start!! Please MTV don't fail us! We want Rob and Kristen interviewed together and please release it all in one cut!!

So in honor of Rob and Kristen and celebrating their love!! Here are some of my pics that I would share!!

 You Make Me Smile
 Our Hobo Love is Alive!

 Our Hobos have admiration for each other!

 Our Hobo's are Sexy!

 Well this is one my faves!! His Laugh, Her Face!! Says it all!

 Our Hobo's really showed us an Epic Night!! The smiles!!

Don't know how I lived with out you 
Cause every time I get around you
I see the best of me inside your eyes
You make me smile

 You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee

 Just the thought of you drives me wild
 Ooh you make me smile!!
I truly love this song by Uncle Cracker, the lyrics so remind me of Rob and Kristen! I can't wait for Breaking Dawn to get here!! Till then these pictures truly make me smile!!

Hobos in love, it is sloppy, it is sweet, it is unmatched, and it is perfection at its best!
Love, Ruby

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