Robsten Video of the da~ 'Happy in love Robsten' by the one and only @LibenetRobsten

I haven't posted this video in a long time, and although it's sadly not on you-tube i hope all of you can see it. Special thanks to lib for sending me the link. Thanks love.

I've now watched the video for the 5th time since i opened up the blog editor to make this post. I wont lie I've cried 3 of those 5 times. Don't judge, it's just so powerful how much love they have for each other. The songs are amazing. I especially love the second song so much. I always hear of haters saying that Rob is not into her, that he will dump her as soon as he has had enough. What they don't see is the way he really looks at her. They way he really looks into her soul. I don't know how to describe it, its an amazing look and I'm sure you guys have seen it millions of times but i just cant seem to understand those people. *sigh* They truly are incredible souls and incredible people. I for one am truly glad they found each other.

Thanks again lib for an amazing video. And please guys go subscribe to her you tube channel and like all her videos. They are amazing.

I'm gonna be pretty MIA today since it's my brothers bday and i have to work half the day. ill try to sneak in and out through the day though. Happy RK day loves ~alma  :)

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