Possible Rob - Kristen Sightings from tonight

Why the dash?? Because I'm not sure they were together at the same time or place. I mean if these sightings are true that is... First of all, 2 people tweet they are close to or chilling with Kristen  & Zooey deschanel, which by the way i love... According to the source and source, they were hanging out at a party.. (Alma~ Hmmm seems believable and very normal since Kristen is still in LA)


Now i don't know what to make of this next sighting which is from Sarah Howawrd who apparently is a make up artist and writer as posted on her twitter.

Question 1:~  Isn't Rob in Toronto?? ( Actually the last day we saw him there was June 21, which is like 3 days ago so he could have taken a plane there? The question of course is why?? Is it because he misses his baby so badly that he had to go see her? or maybe it was time for Bear to be with his mommy so daddy took the puppy to her?? OMG I'm gonna stop before i give myself a headache )

Question #2 Isn't Kellan Lutz filming a movie in NYC?? ( I heard about this, but not sure where he is now)

Question #3 is he with Kristen Stewart?? ( If Rob is indeed in LA, you better be sure he is with Kristen!!! :) How i know, i just know:)

And last but not least. Please don't kill me!!  i am just the messenger!! I know about this as much as you know! I am just putting a little blog together so you guys kinda know whats going on.. All these sightings are fake until proven otherwise. Take it with a grain of salt like most people around here say.

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