Old fan encounter of fan with Rob on the set of Cosmopolis *UPdated~ Added the full fan encounter*

I know we have posted this fan picture here before...She gives us a little more on how she met Rob and who exactly was this him:)


From mboyentertainment

Even though this happened about a week and a half ago, I've still be getting emails and tweets about my brief meeting with the superstar. I didn't realize how difficult it actually was to meet him while he is in town, until the numbers of messages from fans telling me how they had been trying for weeks with no luck. I truly hope that all  of you that keep trying get your chance!!

So.. where do I begin??

Ahh yes!! So my 2 friends and I had driven to the set and noticed a few people walking around. After a few minutes of calming my nerves, I finally got the courage and got out of the car. I wasn't exactly sure where I was walking to but I figured I'd spot something. As soon as I walked by 2 trailers I noticed Rob (with Strict Dean of course lol) walking out of one with his dog, Bear. It was really adorable -watching the two of them playing together. About a minute later I then noticed him starting to walk back to his trailer, which was when I walked over and introduced myself. We all shook hands and he said it was nice to meet me and my friends. He was so sweet and very courteous to us even though he did look a bit tired.  We asked him for a quick picture and he said "sure!"

My friend asked him how he was liking his stay in Toronto and he said  "its been great!" We took our pictures, thanked him, he waved goodbye to us and he was on his way.

'Twas a very quick but lucky meeting.

So there you have it folks - it wasn't anything too extravagant but I figured I would write about it since so many people had been asking!
Thank you for sharing your full story :) Check out her blog here and follow her on twitter here

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