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From deb at CosmopolisFilm

I don’t even know where to start. First off a little PSA: set soldier Suzie and I will have a full set account in a day or two. This post is a all about the end of the night… or first thing in the morning. Whichever. ;) Please note: this is semi-coherent and fangirlish. Sorry. (not really)

So this was my fourth set visit but the first where I was able and committed to staying until the very end. You know, the end. When Rob signs and takes photos. Of course, it was a night shoot and although Rob wrapped at around 2 a.m. I was prepared to hear that it was too late and he wouldn’t be signing.

I’ve always said Rob is a giver. :)

Dean peeked at the small group of us across from Rob’s trailer and
must have deemed us “safe”. *snicker* Moments later, Rob strolled
across the street with a big smile and killed us all. He signed for Jan first. (Rob:
“Your name is JAM? oh Jan… I was going to say Jam’s a very unusual
name.”) Then it was my turn…

I think by now we all know two things about me. Technology
confounds me near people of note and I babble. Like really babble. So as Rob is
signing my copy of Cosmopolis I tell him how much we’ve enjoyed following the
filming in Toronto and how excited we are about the movie. You guys know about
the Nancy Babich tees, right? Well I was wearing one…. and stuck my chest out
proudly, announcing: “We made Nancy Babich tshirts!” Rob smiled HUGE!
He loved it, the shirt I mean, so I was extra happy to tell him that we had one
for him! *happy sigh*

On Rob moved down the short line of fans. Asking names, signing.
Rob said he liked Toronto, someone mentioned something about his red pants and
we all had a good laugh. Dean asked if we were all teachers and didn’t we have
to work in the morning. He was ignored.

It was late so Rob couldn’t do individual photos (in fact Dean tried to get him to go) but Rob said he would do a group photo. Well, not gonna lie, mild chaos ensued while people decided who’s camera, who would take the photo etc. Guess what I did? #evil

Yeah, I stuck to Rob like glue. I watched the chaos and said to Rob (never thought I’d see the day I typed THAT) “This group photo isn’t going to happen. I’m just going to
take one of my own.” *laughs hysterically*

So a very successful night! Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who shared this experience with me. Talk about memories. There are a few more photos in the gallery below. Chauffeur Tink has a book post coming up that will explain the “Pie glop heard ’round the world’. I’m going to have a little sleep now.

Here's the fan encounter from Janners

I am still floating!!!!
I was the one who asked if he was liking Toronto. He lit’rally stopped signing whosever autograph, looked up and into my eyes and answered me. Rob Pattinson and I eye-locked! The last picture is him signing my working script for the play I’m currently in rehearsal for….I will have Rob’s autograph with me for every rehearsal and every performance for luck!!!
He thought my name was Jam…….giggle!
Oh she’ll prolly kill me for this but I asked Debb what he smelled like…..she said “Plaid and boy!” before collapsing on the ground laughing!!
It was a great night! So happy we met him and so happy I got to share it with my lovely, wonderful friends!!!

Thank you for sharing your stories and pics girls. So happy you got to meet him. I love it how every fan confirms and re affirms what we already know about Rob, that he is an amazing human being and loving towards his fans. Love him!!

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