New Pictures of Rob on the set of Cosmopolis~ 6-28-11


HQ Untagged| Pattinsonlife |RPL

MQ-Untagged| Pattinsonlife

Larger-tagged| Source

Rob rehearsing

HQ-Untagged | Pattinsonlife

HQ pics of the vandelized limo

Fan pics of Rob signing for fans




From Whitbysucks~ Rob said: 'Think I'm getting pink eye from all this pie? cake? in the face.'

Thanks to Janners / Via

And also saw these tid bit of info on twitter. Don't know how reliable it is but OMG!! 
 souindeedmyfix -. "Robert Pattinson spent naked for about 12 hours save for something covering his privates on the set of Cosmopolis shooting scenes."
Now, i haven't read the book but seems to me that Erick Packer is expected to be undressed in some scenes. Now for those of you that have read the book. Is it worth reading? I mean i can imagine, since Rob of all people is reading. Don't mind me I'm the biggest pervert there is when it comes to Rob being undressed BUT is it more than the sex scenes that would bring me in? let me know!! 

As far as Rob being naked for 12 FUCKING hours!! I mean lucky are they who were in the set then. Haha

Thanks RPLife

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