Happy father's day to Mr. Pattinson and Mr. Stewart

Happy father's day to Papa Pattinson and Papa Stew!! Thank you for creating two wonderful human beings. Thank you for bringing them up the good way.. They are an inspiration to us all:)

Rob reading an email from his dad at the Jay Leno show back in June 2010 where Rob was promoting Eclipse:)
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Dear Rob, I have been thinking about gestures and a good one in my opinion is to kiss a ladies hand.

It’s very romantic and refined. Offer the hand to shake and then kiss – I impressed your mother that way.”

Rob giggled and looked at his embarrassed dad, saying: “It’s so cute.”

Rob when he was only a little boy:) How adorable!!


Rob's parents signing for autographs~ See its things like this that makes it easier for us to see how Rob was raised and its not hard to see where Rob gets his good manners from:) adorable!
Happy Father's day Mr Pattinson:)

Cute baby stew on the Ryan Seacrest Show~ Her daddy is there at 1:01& at 2:19, 3:37 :)

Kristen with her dad at the Oscars Red Carpet back in 2010

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Kristen at the Gorge Lopez Show (Papa Stew at the beginning) Love it how she calls him papa stew:)


Kissing her daddy at the Eclipse Premiere:) I love it:)

All in all i love the relationship they have.. Kristen kidding about her dad giving her a hard time and at the same time her dad being protective over her as they are walking out of the airport bombarded by paparazzi. Its not hard to see the love they have for one another. I love her and i love him for raising a child just like Kristen:)
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Happy fathers day Papa Stew:)

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