Hannah Marks Talks Kristen Stewart & Is she a Twilight fan?


With her new TV series, Necessary Roughness, premiereing tonight, newcomer Hannah Marks is gearing up for the best summer of her life. Fans may recognize Hannah from her role as Tammy in The Runaways, in which she locked lips with none other than Twilight superstar Kristen Stewart. Hm, wonder how Robert Pattinson feels about that?

What was it like working alongside the likes of Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning in the movie The Runaways?

It was awesome! All of my scenes were with Kristen so I got to bond with her. She is really a great, fun person to be around. It was a movie I was really excited to be a part of because I love The Runaways’ music.

Are you a Twilight fan?

I actually am a huge Twilight fan [laughs]! I love Twilight, and a lot of people make fun of me for it but I don’t care, I’m totally Team Edward.

Are you excited for the newest movie?

I am really excited! I have been sending the trailer to all of my friends. I was really excited when it went on Perez Hilton first, that was awesome!

You’re in the newest addition of the Spider-Man series, The Amazing Spider-Man, which is set to be released next summer. Can you tell us about your role and what it was like filming the movie?

I am playing the school nerd, Missy Kallenback, and I have a crush on Spider-Man. But, of course, I don’t know he is Spider-Man so I actually have a crush on Peter Parker. So I am mostly swooning over him in it.

What was it like filming with Andrew Garfield? Any real-life crushes there?

He was awesome! I had no idea he was British actually, even though I have seen a lot of his films, so it was a shock hearing his British accent. He was really nice and totally welcoming, it was really fun to film with him. He made me feel really comfortable.

You’ve been able to film with the likes of Andrew Garfield, Kristen Stewart and Emma Stone; it must be really fun to be able to work with so many members of Young Hollywood!

It drives me to work more and work harder. I see all of their success and I’d love to be able to experience that as well.

Where they able to help you at all on the set or give you any words of wisdom?

Just watching them was the main help, just observing them. They’re so professional and so experienced that just watching them was the biggest lesson of all, because they are all so talented.

(Alma) Is she the luckiest person in the world or what? She has not only worked with Kristen, Dakota even Chelize Theron.. But now Emma Stone and my big time crush atm Andrew Gardfield? OMG so lucky!! All she needs to do is work with Rob and then she'll truly be lucky:) haha

I do remember her going to the New Moon Movie Premiere also:) She really really does love Twilight. Love that too:)

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