Elizabeth Razer talks about the Breaking Dawn Wedding Scene~ Awww Rob and Kristen nervous filming the scene

There are plenty of scenes from Stephenie Meyer's "Breaking Dawn" that fans are looking forward to seeing translated to the big screen (and a few we might have to cover our eyes for). But the moment most can't wait to catch a glimpse of is the long-awaited wedding between Edward and Bella, shot earlier this year as the cast and crew wrapped up years of filming the entire "Twilight Saga."

Elizabeth Reaser (who plays vampire matriarch Esme Cullen) said it was an emotional moment on the set when Kristen Stewart walked down the aisle as Bella, anticipating her transition from her old life as a human to becoming a member of the vampire Cullen clan.

"Well, the wedding scene was like a real wedding, in that it was stressful. It took a lot of planning, a lot of organization. That was stuff we were all dealing with [and it was like] you were planning a real wedding," she told MTV News before screening and chatting about "The Art of Getting By" for MTV's Sneak Peek Week.

"And the nerves ... I mean, there was an added element of nervousness when we were shooting it, maybe because there were helicopters and people jumping out of trees with cameras, but it was definitely a heightened couple of days on set," she continued, alluding to the paparazzi who were stalking the set, hoping to capture the shoot before its official release. "It took several days to shoot, and at a certain point you don't want to be in a corset anymore."

In the end, it was worth the uncomfortable clothing and obnoxious press.

"But it was really magical, and vampires aren't supposed to cry, and that created a real obstacle for all of us vampires," Reaser said. "Seeing Kristen walk down with aisle with [her movie dad] Billy Burke. I mean, seeing Billy Burke killed me. I understood in that moment what it's like to be a parent and seeing Kristen and see her really be nervous and see Rob really, really be nervous, and the two of them [together with] the families coming together; it was an emotional day for real."

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