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Latest official SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN production info:

STATUS: Mid-September 2011


PRODUCER: Joe Roth - Palak Patel

WRITER: Evan Daugherty - Hossein Amini

DIRECTOR: Rupert Sanders

LP: Sam Mercer

CAST: Charlize Theron - Kristen Stewart - Sam Claflin




Snow White (Stewart), is an incredible beautiful young woman with raven hair, fair skin, and ruby red lips. Snow White's beauty is ultimately its own

curse because, when she becomes the fairest in the land, she becomes a threat to her step-mother Ravenna (Theron). Snow White loves Prince

Charmant, a boy of the same age who she was separated from as a teen. Snow White has been forced to live under the hard rules of Ravenna

where her only friends were the animals that would come to see her. Snow White's life is turned upside down when Ravenna discovers that Snow

White is about to become the fairest. She's driven from the castle and Eric is sent to kill her. Eric is a huntsman who is haunted by the death of his

wife, Sara. He was deeply in love and cannot silence the pain caused by her loss. He drinks heavily and spends his days hunting for the White Wolf

that killed Sara. He is purely mercenary, taking the money Ravenna offers to bring the most beautiful maidens in the land to the castle. However,

when Eric discovers that the White Wolf works for Ravenna, he escapes with Snow White to the Dark Forest and begins preparing to get his revenge.

(Chris Hemsworth offered the role of Eric, The Huntsman. / Release date December 21, 2012.)

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