Possibly the cutest RK Video ive seen lately ~ Can you feel the love tonight~ By @fiorels

Happy Sunday loves, and Happy Mother's Day to all those lovely Mothers in the world:) I really hope you guys are having a great day... RK are together in Toronto, probably now waking up and having a cup of coffee by the fire place. Bear happy to be with both his mom and daddy:) dawwwww happy hobo family is happy~  (My head gets away from me i tell you) 

So this beautiful video made by fiorels is amazing. I actually have it on repeat because I'm just in love with it. The very first part is the best, can you agree with me?

Reporter: you have a secret love affair( talking about Jacob and Marlena). ~ It seems that's what you try to do with your girlfriend as well( did you see his smile there?)...  ~is it hard to have a relationship that is observed 24/7?

Rob ~ yeah, i think it's strange to accept people trying to take photographs and stuff, mainly because people are trying to sell it.. and any kind of life where people are trying to sell every aspect of your life in things that aren't intended to be sold, it just makes me feel tacky and cheap~ So I prefer to keep my personal life (shy smile ) personal.... try to at least...



Adding this amazing collage by Dee from IheartKristen site. Totally gorgeous. I love it.. Show how much Rob has talked during the wfe promo. The happy hobo family guys:)))))))))

Do we love Water for Elephants Promo tour Rob or what? All this promo he's been talking right and left. I had intended to post this video earlier but you know me and RL dont mix well. Anyways have fun loves. Enjoy your sunday and and enjoy your Mothers and mothers enjoy your children:) Happy RK Reunion guys  ~ alma

Thank you Fiorels90x

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