New HILARIOUS Pictures of Rob from WFE Berlin Press Conference + Old/New with Kristen from 08

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So apparently the interviewer is just giving a little recap of knowing Rob for 3 years. As you can see there's a pic of Rob and Kristen from 08 while promoting Twilight and then another of her and Rob in 09.

Little bit of info from the mag: Thanks Nancy at the comment section :)

the interview isn't a interview you think it´s more a story around why rob is strangling the reporter (they have known each other for 3 years)she want´s a funny pic and said/think she can take a hand throw his hair and he answered no makes everyone and then he get´s the idea to "strangle" her and knips the pic is ready....

Some of the quotes say

quotes: "shit" what i wanted again (the pic with his hand on his hair)

2011 third date! at hotel de rome in berlin they met...

A bit lost in translation i know but its what we got:) Lovely Monday my loves <333


crops made by me. If anyone can translate please??

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