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1) How is Kristen taking wedding or having baby in the movie「Breaking
Dawn」? Bella mast have been different from the first 2 movies.

Rob: She is taking it very well. It looks rather funny, well it is not
funny funny. The last movies are really scary somehow.

2) Do you travel with private jets or do you use commercial air lines?

Rob: It is always tough to go through the airport, especially in LA.
Like we get tickets in last 20 minutes to disguise, we sometime use
this kind of tricks to go through it. And once you get on the plane I
would hide under the blanket and take nap.(laugh)

Q:Is England still your home? Is it true that you ask your friends in
England to come visit you just to get together some times?

Rob: Well, some of my friends do visit me from England while they work
in LA. Many of the actors have followers just to spend couple of
months together or something but my friends are different. They have
pride in what they are doing, so I am sure they would say 「I don’t
need your support. It’s good to have a free hotel room in NY or in LA,
but in the middle of nowhere? no thanks.」.

Q:You are lucky to have friends like that.

Rob: Yes, but I think keeping myself in the project constantly is the
reason I can be who I am. I don’t know, but I don’t wish for too much.
I am not interested in the authority; I feel lucky to have free pair
of sunglasses, that is enough for me. I don’t know much about fame, I
don’t even know how to use them.

Q:Do you miss your country? How do you like your home country?

Rob: England is always my home for ever. There is something that never
be replaced, I feel that more than ever since I being away from there.
I used to live in Soho( mid London) , when I went there in last
Christmas vacation it looked completely different.

You feel like your home never changes, but it is not in the real life.
This last 4 years away from home was a big gap.

3)Q:Doing “WFE” made you feel like having a puppy? Who is taking care
of it now? Did you get it from shelter? What kind of dog is it?

Rob: I got him from the shelter, he was in the death row; a few days
away. The dogs in the shelter only stays there for 10 days, you know.
He was really frightened. I came here from Louisiana by private jet so
that means, he got out of the shelter and on the next day he was on
the private jet. (laugh) It sounds like “Lady and the Trump”.

4)Q:Did you get any advice for doing this movie “WFE”? Like Leo
DiCaprio sometimes asks Martin Scorsese for some advices, do you have
someone like that ? Or you hesitate to ask for advice?

Rob: I don’t have much people to ask. I am like more stubborn to prove
myself being an actor. I don’t have much friends to give me advices,
of course I do have friends who can discuss things, but many of the
actors don’t talk about how you do your jobs.

I, in the other hand, like to talk about acting with friends, but I
don’t know much of the famous actors.

Q: You’ve been working constantly. And that means you’ve been staying
in hotels, right? Don’t you miss home? Is there any tips for being
comfortable away from home?

Rob: I have my own TV to travel with. Isn’t it exciting?(laugh)

5)Q: You are beating up often in the movie “WFE”, I read that you said
it is one of the good way to break the image that people have of you.

Rob: Yes, I think so. On the set they didn’t want to do too much of
it. Francis (Laurence; Director) didn’t like too much of blood but I
thought it was good to have some bleeding. It was weird, those special
makeup artists would say “What happened to that handsome boy!”.
Production team decides in which scene, scars here and there, so they
apply same scar make up all the time. If you do the real fight it will
not be the same as planned, like scars and scrapes, it is weird. It’s
like did you fight with a grinder?

Q: Neither you nor Reese will get naked in the love scene. We were
waiting to see some very intimate sex scene in this movie.

Rob: Naked?(laugh)

Q: Did you refused it?

Rob: I don’t think you don’t want to be rated R or NC-17 with hard
core sex scene. Audience will freak out with it. Or not?

Q: When we interview your sister, she told us that you had pinups of
Keira Knightley in your bed room in your teens, is that true?

Rob: No, it was Kate Moss, not Keira. When Keira got popular, I was
old enough not to decorate my bed room with pinups.

6)About your next project “Bel Ami”

Rob: I really wanted to be involved in this project so I sure hope the
audience will like it. It was really tough shooting. The story end
with the victory of the bad guy and the production had a good
arguments over it, and they still are editing it. The audience was in
deep thoughts “It is hard to understand.”, but that is how it is
supposed to be. To tell you the truth I don’t understand at all, and
wanting to watch the same edition over and over. It is very
confusing, it’s like keep doing the test runs. I haven’t seen the
final edition yet, but I hear a lot about the each viewing, I want to
see the final edition soon. I really wish that the movie will be out

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