James Woods mentions Kristen Stewart and An American Girl...

You brought up AN AMERICAN GIRL, which started all this. Is that something you’ve written also? 
No, no. Tim Metcalfe, who wrote KALIFORNIA and THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT and so on, he had shown me this beautiful script that I bought called AN AMERICAN GIRL. And I called Kristen Stewart before she was famous and said I won’t make this movie with anybody but you. She was Canadian but a wonderful actress and I wanted—

Had you worked with her before?
No, but I knew her because I know Sean (Penn) and she was in INTO THE WILD. And I was talking about directing a movie called WINGED CREATURES that I felt should be cast in a certain way and I tried to buy it from the writer and it got done and it ended up going straight to DVD and the producer wouldn’t listen to me, which is fine. Revenge is sweet. [laughs] But it had a 15 year old girl in it and I called Dennis Quaid and he said I just worked with this girl named Kristen Stewart, and Jodie Foster…they all talked about how fabulous this girl was. I saw her films and I thought she was phenomenal. So I called her up and we talked for an hour. She read the script and she flipped out. If you look at her when she talks in the press and they ask her, "What do you want to do?" She always says, "I want to do AN AMERICAN GIRL. I want to do AN AMERICAN GIRL." 

For the full interview, read here!

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