Top Ten Reasons to Go See Water for Elephants! No Spoilers!

So here we are this morning and I am still reeling over what I saw last night!! The wait, the anticipation and the angst of going to go see Water for Elephants.  My thoughts were, okay we have seen a lot of screen caps, trailers and I hope it can live up to that. Nothing is worse than going to a movie and seeing all of the great parts in the trailer only.  I can honestly say that this movie lived up to all of my glorious expectations.  Well and being that I am a little biased because I love Rob it still lives up to my expectations beyond Rob.  So here are my top ten reasons any one should go see Water for Elephants. Please feel free to comment as these are just my opinions. 

Top Ten Reasons to Go See Water for Elephants:
10.  The film itself is a work of art.  When the train comes down the tracks it looks so animated and mystical.  It leaves you with a whimsical feeling and the train looks like a dream.
9.  The adaption to the book is very spot on.  There were a few things that I noticed that weren't too off from the book.  Of course they had to change a little due to the fact of timing.  
8.  This movie is for all ages and gender! I saw so many different people attending the film last night.  It is age appropriate story for all. I loved that mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, grandmothers and granddaughters all came. It was great!! (Plus I met a grandmother that was just as obsessed with Rob as me!! God Bless her! She has had five children of her own plus five grandchildren and was just as giddy as I was when Rob would come on screen!!)
7.  They detailed costume work of the entire set was spot on. I was very amazed with the detail of how the attire looked.  It was very amazing! Rob looked amazing in his navy blue shirt that was all sweaty and dirty oh good grief! Reese and Christoph looked so fabulous! Reese's costumes especially! My obvious favorite was her in the feather dress on top of Tai!
6.  I loved how the film's colors! They where so vibrant.  All of the costume's on screen looked like some one went in and penciled the colors in to make them more vibrant. I thought this was brilliant. I believe Lawrence did this to represent the liveliness of the circus in an otherwise very depressing time in American history. 
5.  Of course, Tai was amazing. When watching some of the most dramatic scenes with Tai, I wasn't drawn to her enormous size but her eye.  In the scenes, Lawrence seems to focus on her face and you notice her eyes and they seem to show the intensity behind her.  You are drawn into her and its like you are looking into her soul.  It was very freaky, as I didn't know that elephants eye's were so human like.
4.  Of course, Christoph Waltz dazzled me again. He always plays a great villain!! He was fantastic! If you have read the book, August is hard to read. He is maniacal and self serving and psychotic at times and in the book you never knew the reaction was going to be.  He did a great job of bringing that to the screen.   A little man with such a big man complex!
3.  Reese did a spectacular job working with the animals.  She looked so comfortable when she was performing with them. Reese really does have a timeless look and did such a wonderful job of playing Marlena.  Her on screen chemistry with Rob well it was definitely as great or better than I hoped it would be!! Yes I had my speculations! It was hot and even hotter!! You will have to go and see for yourself. It was romantic, and steamy and left you wanting more that is for sure!!
2.  I know I have even gotten to Rob yet!! Yes I save the last two reasons for last!! I mean this is a blog dedicated to Rob and Kristen! Rob's close ups were just amazing! I mean all those screen caps were even better on screen!! Screen caps on my computer did not do it justice until I saw the film. The only problem with Rob looking so amazing was that I actually lost focus on the film especially when they focused on his beautiful face.
1.  The number one reason to go see this film, is the leading role of Jacob played by Rob was fantastic! Not once did I think about Rob as Edward! Yay! His American accent was so spot on. It was very amazing. You never even noticed or even thought that he was British. As a lead role, I was very excited to see that he commanded himself and carried his role as Jacob so brilliantly. The emotions came through of Jacob and you could read his non verbal cues of what Jacob was feeling so well! Hats off to you Rob! I am very excited to see him execute the role so well! I am tired of defending him as a one character type actor!! This is not the case! That being said I will go see this again this week!!

In Conclusion, I highly recommend that you go see this film. Rob really proved his talent as an actor and how dynamic he truly can be. The on screen romance with Marlena and Rosie (the Elephant) were so spectacular. I now see why Rob fell in love with her! I hope that you all have the chance to go see this movie real soon!! Love to hear your feedback!! ~Ruby

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